Why did my child wait so long to disclose?

It is extremely common for children to be reluctant to disclose their story of abuse. Fear of the abuser hurting them or their family may prevent them from disclosing. Some children may believe that they will be punished for telling them or no one will believe them because they are a child. This is why the CAC was founded, children’s voices need to be heard. The CAC is a safe place for them to not only tell their story, but also receive the support and services they need to begin the healing process.

How can I help my child feel more comfortable at the medical exam and forensic interview?

Your child is more than welcome to bring a comfort item, such as favorite toy, blanket, or anything else that will make the child feel safer. It may help to bring a close friend or relative along to sit with the child if any staff members need to talk to you individually.

Why is a forensic medical exam important for my child?

The main goal of the medical exam is to ensure that your child is safe and healthy. Our medical staff will also provide documentation of any forensic findings based on the exam. Our medical staff has also received training in order to testify if your child’s case goes to trial.

Will my child ever recover from the trauma they experienced?

Children are resilient, they have an innate ability to bounce back from adversity or troublesome event. Through having the support and love from a parent or caregiver a child has significantly greater ability to effectively cope and overcome the negative symptoms commonly associated with trauma and abuse.

What should I say to my child after the forensic interview?

Allow your child to process the event and avoid pressuring them to talk about the forensic interview. Reassure your child that it was a difficult process, but they are safe and the CAC was there to hear their story the way they experienced it

How will I know who to trust around my children?

This is especially difficult for any parent or guardian that is faced with news that someone endangered their child. Counseling is a service that can assist the parents as well as the children learn to know what situations are safe and how to handle an unsafe situation in the future.