How to Report Child Abuse 

If you suspect child abuse, please call: 

  • Child Protective Services or Department of Human Resources (DHR) in the county where the suspected abuse occurred.  
  • Law Enforcement in the county where the suspected abuse occurred.
  • The National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4ACHILD
  • Click to download the handout: How To Respond To A Disclosure 

Alabama Network Of Children's Advocacy Center Video 

How to Respond to a Child's Disclosure of Abuse

What to Do 

  • Remain calm 
  • Be supportive
  • Provide a safe environment 
  • Reassure the child that this is NOT their fault and they did NOTHING to cause this to happen 
  • Avoid asking details or interrogate them about the abuse 
  • Reassure the child that they are safe now 
  • Reassure the child that they will not get in any trouble for disclosing the abuse

What NOT to DO

  • Try NOT to panic or become angry
  • Do NOT blame the child 
  • Do NOT ask the child detailed questions about the abuse. Allow law enforcement, DHR, and the CAC handle the investigation.
  • Do NOT make the child confront the offender
  • DO NOT make the child tell other family members/friends about the abuse