Services Offered Through Tri-County CAC

All services are offered at no cost to the children and families referred to our agency. 

Forensic Interviews

Forensic Interviews are scheduled by law enforcement and/or DHR investigators when there is an allegation or exposure of child maltreatment or violence and the investigator needs to hear from the child victim or witness. Our forensic interviewers are also a part of the multidisciplinary team which allows them the testify in order to assist in the legal process.

Our forensic interviewers are specially trained by the National Child Advocacy Center to conduct interviews in a child friendly environment that is safe and comfortable. The forensic interviewers use open-ended, non-leading, and developmentally appropriate questions in order to let your child’s voice be heard.

The interview is recorded and watched on a closed-circuit television by CAC staff, DHR worker, Law enforcement investigator. This allows the child to only have to tell their story once. A copy of the forensic interview is released to law enforcement as part of their investigation and another copy is kept at the CAC in a secure area. 

Coordination of Multidisciplinary Team Meetings 

A Multi-Disciplinary Team (or MDT) is made up of all concerned and involved agencies when it comes to any suspected child abuse cases. This consists of Law Enforcement, District Attorney, Child Protective Services (DHR), Medical Personnel, CAC staff, & Mental Health Personnel. The multi-disciplinary team will be in a separate room watching a live stream of your child’s forensic interview in order to prevent your child from having to tell their story multiple times. They will then meet monthly in order to remain up to date on any pertinent information regarding your child’s case.

Pediatric Forensic Medical Exams

We offer acute and non-acute medical pediatric exams to any suspected child abuse victims. Our specially trained pediatric SANE nurse practitioner and staff provide these exams when requested by law enforcement or DHR to check the physical health of the child as well as provide any additional evidence to an ongoing investigation. Our medical staff has been trained to handle these cases with the utmost care, respect, and privacy for the patient and family.

A non-acute medical exam is simply a head to toe checkup in order to ensure that your child’s body is safe. An acute pediatric SANE medical exam is similar to regular check-up but includes a closer look at the private areas. No ouch medical tests may also be done for sexually transmitted diseases or any chance of pregnancy.

Family Advocacy Services & Parent Support Group

Family Advocacy services at the CAC include having an individual who meets with the family throughout the life of the case to make sure that the family as a whole is functioning well. These services may include making referrals to other resources for the parents and/or other members of the family, coordinating and assisting families in keeping all appointments for counseling or any legal proceedings, and representing the families at Multi-disciplinary Team meetings to make sure their voice is heard throughout the process.

Our parent support group is facilitated by our therapist and family advocate in order to connect parents with information and resources in order to best parent a child that has experienced trauma. The overall purpose of this group is to provide a consistent support system that is willing to listen and share their own personal experience in order to help those around them. If you would like to join this group please reach our to our Family Advocate at (334)-234-1169

Court Education & Preparation Sessions 

Our agency offers educational sessions in order to educate children on the judicial process in a child friendly manner. Our staff members will explain all the details about what to expect from the trial in order to alleviate the stress or fear that is commonly associated with the process. Our staff members will accompany your family to court in order to support your family throughout every step of the way.

Trauma Focused Counseling

& Child Trauma Assessments 

Our agency offers counseling, free of charge, to all of our interviewees. Our counselors are certified, licensed, and specially trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Our door is always open in order to best assist the child as well as the entire family to heal.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy seeks to assist children and parents learn new skills to help process thoughts and feelings related to traumatic life events, manage and resolve distressing thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to the trauma and enhance safety, growth, parenting skills, and family communication.